Dyslexia . Low Vision . Blind . Deaf . Hard of Hearing .

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JAWS for Windows Screen Reading Software

Dyslexia . Low Vision . Blind . Deaf . Hard of Hearing .

Individual . Elderly . Education . Work Place .

JAWS for Windows Screen Reading Software

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Learning Access Suite

The classroom solution for individual abilities


The Learning Access Suite is the most comprehensive software package, delivering universal access, support and development for the entire classroom and computer lab. A unique collection of up to 7 key study skills tools brought together to create the ideal education suite. The suite allows educators to support learners with a spectrum of different learning styles.

Claro Learning Access Suite provides universal access to information and text. This allows pupils who have poor literacy skills, where English is not their first language, or who have visual impairments will be able to access information, take notes, read web pages and write essays with greater ease.

7 Programs... One Solution.



ClaroRead Standard

Reading and writing support integrated with MS Word.

ClaroRead has been developed to help PC users of all capabilities create, read, view and check text.

The software is closely integrated with Microsoft applications, with particular emphasis on Microsoft Word.



Concept and idea mapping.

ClaroIdeas is an easy to use, powerful and fresh visual software solution for assisting with research, planning, outlining, studying and presenting. ClaroIdeas will help users and groups to capture their ideas, pictures, research notes, web page links, audio and video files with more freedom, flexibility and creativity.



Coloured reading ruler for easier reading. Also includes ScreenMarker.

ScreenRuler provides a 'strip' or 'ruler' across the screen, have the contrast changed and have the background 'greyed' or 'dimmed' out. An innovative tool for helping reading, it also works well on an interactive whiteboard. Also included in the suite is ScreenMarker, the reading and tracking tool.


Osaka WordBanks

Word bank creation is great for sentence building.

On-Screen word banks provide a useful technique for introducing students to word processing and writing using a computer. Oska WordBanks allows a teacher or student to quickly create on-screen word banks. Word banks are good tools for sentence building where vocabulary is predictable and defined or limited.



Captures text, images and audio into one single project file.

ClaroCapture can collect text from any document and web page, grouping it as a project file. The research file can be sent to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. It can also extract highlighted text from Word documents. A great study skills tool.



Screen colour overlay tool.

Overlay Software ClaroView allows for better viewing of the PC screen, with the potential to make browsing and reading easier. It can change the colour of the screen overlay and the tint level can be varied.


Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Turn talk into text, send email, search the Web and more.

(optional extra)

Gives PC users the power to create documents, reports, emails and more ‒ all by speaking. Fast, easy and amazingly accurate, it's over three times faster than typing.




Empower learners of all abilities to achieve their true potential


The Learning Access Suite allows learners to see the relationship between the spoken and written word as it offers both speech recognition and a facility to read back text. This can be especially useful for all learners.

The Learning Access Suite can revolutionise paperwork. Educators can incorporate other Claro tools, such as the concept maps and WordBanks, into their lessons and use them with their interactive white boards. They will also appreciate the fact that these same tools can help them make short work of the mountains of administration which are now part of their job.


The suite helps support learners with a spectrum of different learning styles.


How do classrooms benefit?


Classrooms benefit from an added dimension of learning and development support.

Utilising the Learning Access Suite in your classroom:


Creates a more inclusive engagement for learners.


Provides learners access to develop their skills and the confidence to reach their full potential.


Provides educators with the means to support their learners more effectively, especially in a classroom with a wide spectrum of mixed abilities.