Dyslexia . Low Vision . Blind . Deaf . Hard of Hearing .

Individual . Elderly . Education . Work Place .

JAWS for Windows Screen Reading Software

Dyslexia . Low Vision . Blind . Deaf . Hard of Hearing .

Individual . Elderly . Education . Work Place .

JAWS for Windows Screen Reading Software

Plustek BookReader V100

Natural Voice
The Plustek BookReader provides high quality speech output to make your book reading experience more enjoyable.
Magnify Tool
The user-friendly magnifying tool can be used independent of the BookReader system and gives you complete access to all other programs you might need enlarged print for; it provides a "see & speak" function while you are reading the text.
Searchable PDF Available
All scanned items can be saved as a searchable PDF. You can even use the book reader software to read any other PDF documents
Audio Files
Scanned documents can be saved in MP3 or WAV format. By using a portable audio player, you can enjoy listening to books anytime and anywhere.
Color Contrast
The color contrast function increases the visual effectiveness and helps those with color blindness using certain color combinations. This allows for a more enjoyable and easy reading.
Zoom Text
This function provides the ability to enlarge documents to allow for easier on screen reading.
Hot keys
Simple hot key design to control the functions you need, such as voice volume, forward/backward, reading speed, color contrast, word spelling, etc.
Repeat Function
Allows the user to repeat any of the text with varying degrees (i.e.: word, sentence, paragraph, page) with one button.
Word spelling
The word spelling function can enhance learning and pronunciation of words.
Text Editable
A useful and practical tool to rewrite or modify the scanned documents.

Designed for book scanning

The Shadow Elimination Element (SEE™) eliminates the book spine shadow and text distortion associated with books scanned on flatbeds and copiers.

Plustek's BookReader V100 integrates high-speed scanning scanner with book edge design, natural voice synthesis (for read back) and highly accurate text-to-speech and optical character recognition (OCR) functionality, all in one device. To create an audio file, the user simply places a book or document on the scanning platen and with a touch of a button, the BookReader V200 transforms printed words into audio files which can be saved in MP3 and other formats.

Optical Character Recognition software with a simple user interface and has the following features,


  • Work with single or multi-page documents

  • Easily create searchable PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, TXT, HTML files.

  • Convert paper documents to digital information.


ABBYY FineReader 6.0 Sprint Plus

Industry standard TWAIN drivers ensure compatibility with thousands of image enabled applications including: document management, document capture, enterprise content management, forms processing, photographic imaging and image management applications.

Plustek DocTWAIN

The Magnifier function has been designed with a fresh look and help the user be able ot read the user interface well, as well as the scanned contents.

Magnifier 2.0

Image Sensor


Light Source

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

Optical Resolution

1200 dpi

Scanning Area (W x L)

216 x 297 mm (8.5" x 11.69", A4/ Letter Size)

Power Consumption

< 18 W (operation), < 4.3 W (idle)


USB 2.0

Net Weight

3.9 Kgs / 8.5 Lbs

Dimensions (W x D x H)

450 x 283.5 x 93.8 mm

Hardware Requirements

Pentium II or faster CPU

CD-ROM Driver

One available USB Port

128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)

500 MB free HDD space


Low Vision . Blind . Dyslexia


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